Rocks from the ocean with writing

July 11, 2021

A rough-looking (maybe old concrete or aggregate) very weathered sandy-colored cobble with what appears to be writing. Too worn to make out the words.

A dark grey worn cobble of some kind of old concrete or soft stone. Clearly a piece off some larger thing; it has the cut-off phrase "IRONTON" on one line, and below it "8-152".

A weathered half-brick stamped with "00"

A pale pinkish-tan weathered stone or aggregate cobble with "350" carved or stamped in one corner.

A cobble made of a cinder-block-ish material, about the dimensions of a half-brick, with one broken side and three weathered square sides. On the face it has the end of some text reading "LAMO".

A small heavily-weathered cobble, originally a sandy color but here green with algae. A letter "D" is visible.