tiny jade plant

June 3, 2023

A view through a loupe of a jade plant leaf, broken off where it met the plant. Out of the end are growing tiny leaves, a much brighter and paler green than the leaf they are growing from. The leaf is resting on soil.

a cylindrical cloth planter, about 3 inches high and 2 inches in diameter, made of recycled light blue cotton bedsheet. The wall of the planter is made of four layers of cotton and has decorative stitches running vertically all around the outside. Sitting on top of the soil in the planter is a jade plant leaf with new growth coming from the end.

I finally tried out making a planter from scrap cloth. This tiny jade plant isn't yet at the point where it really needs water, but I'm hoping that the cotton will prevent overwatering without losing water so quickly that the soil stays dry.

The walls of the pot are made from 4 layers of cotton bedsheet material and I got to use the decorative stitches on my new machine to add a bit of stiffness. All biodegradable.