Treasure hunt 002: some pretty pictures

June 25, 2021

A small arrangement of tiny plants growing in the crook of a tree root

A bed of sand that’s actually composed of tiny snail shells

A view looking back at the Salem Willows Park from offshore at low tide, pebbly beach.

A big chunk of red rock speckled with white flecks

A view of the beach looking out to sea; boats moored

A granite or gneiss boulder with a stripe of something else. The stripe is starting to come loose.

Seaweed left against a rock by the tide; pale tan and pink, sort of shaped like kale.

The lighthouse on Winter Island: a short conical white tower with a black top in white the light sits. The light is not on.

A n outcrop of grey-blue boulders with white veins of something

A grassy earthwork with a barred door leading into it: WWII fortifications.

A white-veined black stone set in a wall; it clearly shows conchoidal fracture scars.